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After working with a major manufacturer and seeing how their apprentices were presented with Functional Skills learning, our first foray into producing our own courses saw us make the most comprehensive maths content ever in the UK. Over the last 3 years first time pass rates using the material for Functional Skills have exceeded 90% and learners' feedback has been amazing. For those that don't enjoy maths or struggle with it, these videos have proved to be digestible and even enjoyable, increasing engagement and retention. With 49 videos and 4 hours of content, the curriculum covers topics that can be used in Access to HE courses, T-Levels, Functional Skills at Levels 1 and 2 as well as for GCSE Maths resits for which we’ve covered the Top 10 Topics.  Includes useful Re-Caps and Problem Solving modules to help prepare for the dreaded exams!


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For Training Providers and FE Colleges

  • Improve your pass rates with Functional Skills and GCSE re-sits
  • Incorporate elements in Traineeships and employability courses
  • Engage with your learners with a subject that's traditionally not enjoyed
  • Perfect for learners of all ages

 For Employers

  • A fantastic pool of resources to help your apprentices take on their Functional Skills Maths requirement

Topics Covered Include:

  • Money
  • Ratios
  • Proportion
  • Fractions
  • Mode, median, mean
  • ...and much more

Can Be Used For…

  • Functional Skills at Levels 1 and 2
  • HE courses
  • T-Levels
  • Employability
  • Traineeships
  • GCSE Maths resits for which we’ve covered the Top 10 Topics

Full List of Titles:

Adding and Subtracting Decimals (3’34”)

Area and Perimeter (4’46”)

Area and Perimeter Compound (8’42”)

Calculating With Fractions (2’35”)

Combining Squared and Cubed (2’04”)

Common Fractions (2’09”)

Data and Stats (5’43”)

Distance and Length (2’28”)

Division (5’47”)

Division/The Bus Stop Method (3’23”)

Estimates (2’38”)

Fractions and Common Measures (4’43”)

Fractions, Decimals and Percentages (FDP) (2’35”)

Graphs and Charts (6’23”)

Increasing and Decreasing Percentages (5’42”)

Long Multiplication( 4’38”)

Mean (2’19”)

Mean / Mode/ Median/ Range/Ratio/Proportion (1’31”)

Median (1’49”)

Mixed Numbers (5’04”)

Mode (1’10”)

Money (5’03”)

Multiplication (3’59”)

Multiplying and Dividing Decimals (2’42”)

Multiplying and Dividing By 10 and 100 (6’19”)

Percentages and Common Measures (3’33”)

Probability Scale (2’17”)

Probability Using Fractions, Decimals and Percentages (2’15”)

Problem Solving - Part 1 (1’49”)

Problem Solving - Part 2 (0’50”)

Problem Solving - Part 3 (1’43”)

Problem Solving - Part 4 (1’39”)

Problem Solving - Part 5 (2’50”)

Proportions (2’34”)

Range (1’05”)

Ratios (4’45”)

Recaps 1 (6’42”)

Recaps 2 (5’53”)

Recaps 3 (7’06”)

Recaps 4 (3’46”)

Recaps 5 (3’23”)

Recaps 6 (5’04”)

Rounding To Whole Numbers (3’05”)

Rounding Up and Down (6’39”)

Temperature (2’47”)

Time (4’26”)

Volume and Capacity (6’23”)

Weight (3’26”)

Working Out Percentages (4’28”)