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Too often management videos are stuffy and dull and we buck that trend mixing presenters with sketches to take viewers through a range of principles, further reinforcing key points with text captions and graphics. The tone of voice is approachable, self-defacing and confident and this slick, fun and engaging suite of content will help develop and inspire new managers or those looking to up skill.


Check out the thumbnails to see some clips.


For Employers

  • Up skill staff and support apprentices
  • Tool kit for refreshing principles to new and middle managers 
  • Content that can be used to help managers identify their strengths and weaknesses and develop new approaches 
  • Excite your staff with ‘edutainment’ content they’ll actually enjoy watching and use the videos to increase remote engagement and encourage discussion

For Training Providers and FE Colleges

  • Extensive coverage of Team Leader and Team Supervisor apprenticeships 
  • Over 30 soft / transferrable skills videos can be used across a range of apprenticeships, traineeships, T-Levels 
  • Excite your learners with ‘edutainment’ content they’ll actually enjoy watching and use the videos to increase remote engagement and encourage discussion
  • Boost your remote learning provision

Topics Covered:

  • Leading People
  • Managing People
  • Building Relationships
  • Communication
  • Operational Management
  • Project Management
  • Financial Management
  • Style, Attitude and Behaviour

Can Be Used For…

  • Multi sector staff development 
  • CPD courses
  • Across dozens of apprenticeship standards 
  • Soft skills elements within employability, traineeships, short courses and Kickstarter programmes

Full List of Titles:

Awareness of Self (5’23”)

Briefings (2’15”)

Budgets (2’25”)

Business Development and Continuous Improvement (4’09”)

Business Rhythm (5’12”)

Cash Flow (2’59”)

Coaching (4’52”)

Collaborative Working (2’45”)

Constructive Feedback (1’59”)

Cross Team Working (2’26”)

Customer and Stakeholder Management (3’35”)

Data Analysis (4’10”)

Data Management and Technology (3’09”)

Data Security (3’34”)

Decision Making (2’12”)

Delegation (3’04”)

Developing People (2’08”)

Difficult Conversations (1’26”)

Discrimination (2’39”)

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (3’51”)

Feedback Mechanisms (2’38”)

Finance and Funding (3’14”)

Financial Forecasting (3’12”)

Financial Records (4’41”)

Functions of a Leader (2’07”)

Future Focus (2’55”)

Harassment and Victimisation (1’50”)

High Performing Teams (3’50”)

Implementing Operational Plans (2’13”)

Inclusivity (1’35”)

Interpersonal Skills (5’32”)

Introduction to Business Improvement Techniques (2’01”)

Leadership Styles (7’46”)

Learning styles (3’07”)

Listening (1’33”)

Management of Self (2’38”)

Managing Absence (2’11”)

Managing Change (1’57”)

Managing Conflict (2’29”)

Managing Processes (3’02”)

Meetings (1’33”)

More Formal Meetings (2’10”)

Motivation and Morale (3’54”)

Multiple and Remote Teams (2’44”)

Operational Management: Approaches and Models (3’35”)

Operational/Departmental Manager Attributes (3’38”)

Organisational Culture (2’07”)

Organisational Governance and Compliance (6’05”)

Organisational Strategy (2’16”)

Organisational Values and Ethics (1’56”)

Performance Management (5’59”)

Personal Abilities (4’00”)

Presentations (4’55”)

Project Lifecycle (4’29”)

Raising Concerns (2’00”)

Recruitment (5’05”)

Reviewing and Controlling Costs (2’20”)

Reward and Recognition (2’56”)

Risk Management (3’29”)

Sales and Marketing Plans (4’26”)

Stages of Team Development (4’51”)


Supplier Relationship Management (5’42”)

Technology (3’10”)

The Differences (1’47”)

The Functional Approach to Leadership (2’31”)

Time to ‘Do the Do’ (5’29”)

Types of Communication (4’22”)

Types of Team (1’26”)

Unconscious Bias (3’24”)