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Our pool of Customer Service videos has proved our most popular to date.  Used extensively by employers and training providers alike, our troop of presenters and curios from the world of television take staff and learners through the core principles of customer service marrying humour and 'learning' in a way that anyone viewing these videos will love.  Look out for some familiar faces as you've never seen them before.  The content is structured with 2 videos for each topic, the first taking staff or learners through all the key information and reinforcing principles through comedy sketches, while the second repackages the information in a short form to refresh key points.  We think you'll love this course as much as we did making it.

Check out the thumbnails to see some clips.


For Employers

  • Up skill staff and support apprentices
  • Tool kit for refreshing principles to new and middle managers 
  • Content that can be used to help managers identify their strengths and weaknesses and develop new approaches 
  • Excite your staff with ‘edutainment’ content they’ll actually enjoy watching and use the videos to increase remote engagement and encourage discussion

For Training Providers and FE Colleges

  • Extensive coverage CSP apprenticeships 
  • Soft skills content can be used across a range of apprenticeships, traineeships, employability and Kickstarter programmes
  • 'Edutainment’ content that will increase retention and engagement 
  • Boost your remote learning provision

Topics Covered Include:

  • Working in teams
  • Communication
  • Personal development
  • The customer experience
  • Equality

Can Be Used For…

  • Multi sector staff development 
  • CPD courses
  • Across dozens of apprenticeship standards 
  • Soft skills elements within employability, traineeships, short courses and Kickstarter programmes

Full List of Titles:

Apprentice Showcase (1’24”)

Assessment Intro (0’56”)

Being open to feedback (5’47”)

Communication (8’13”)

Customer experience (5’44”)

Dealing with customer conflict and challenge (7’34”)

Developing self (7’00”)

Equality (3’34”)

Influencing skills (5’31”)

Interpersonal skills (8’36”)

Knowing your customers (6’41”)

Meeting regulations and legislation (7’18”)

Personal organisation (5’14”)

Practical Observation (0’59”)

Presentation (5’42”)

Product and service knowledge (5’31”)

Professional Discussion (1’29”)

Remix Intro (1’07”)

Remix: Being Open to Customer Feedback (0’53”)

Remix: Communication (1’35”)

Remix: Customer Experience (1’14”)

Remix: Dealing With Customer Conflict and Challenge (1’16”)

Remix: Developing Self (0’39”)

Remix: Equality (0’40”)

Remix: Influencing Skills (0’54”)

Remix: Interpersonal Skills (1’40”)

Remix: Knowing Your Customer (0’39”)

Remix: Meeting Regulations and Legislation (1’04”)

Remix: Personal Organisation (0’49”)

Remix: Presentation (0’44”)

Remix: Product and Service Knowledge (1’18”)

Remix: Right First Time (1’40”)

Remix: Roles and Responsibility (0’47”)

Remix: Systems and Resources (4’47”)

Remix: Team Working (1’05”)

Remix: Understanding the Organisation (0’51”)

Right first time (9’18”)

Systems and resources (4’47”)

Team working (4’44”)

Understanding the organisation (8’50”)

Your role and responsibility (7’06”)