Stanford Soccer: England Tour 2018 – Watch Now!

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Stanford  Soccer: England Tour 2018 - Watch Now! Ingredient FilmsStanford have released the 22 minute documentary film we shot and edited for their men’s soccer team during their tour of England in April. We follow the players and coaches as they explore London, get to grips with the transport system, face off against academy teams from the likes of QPR and Fulham and sample some of Britain’s unique cuisine! And importantly, we gain a unique insight into the dynamics of a top class sporting programme featuring student athletes that are true role models.  

Filmed over 8 days and culminating in over 30 hours of footage, this project was turned around in just 2 weeks and is being used by Stanford Athletics as a valuable recruitment tool. We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it!

Stanford Soccer: Tour Film

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Stanford  Soccer: Tour Film Ingredient Films

All set for another project with Stanford University and this one their mens soccer team touring England.

In what we hope will be a prologue to an access-all-areas documentary with Stanford this Fall, we’ll be shooting for 8 days taking in games against Fulham, QPR and Bradford City, plus trips to Oxford University, Wembley and Manchester.

While we’ve been commissioned to make a tour film, we’ll also be shooting content with the coaches and team for our Life Skills With Balls initiative and this trip certainly seems like it’ll be a lot of fun!

No sleep ‘ti Brooklyn.

Class of ’92

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Class of '92 Ingredient Films

Big thank you to Chris Casper, Hotel Football and the team at the Class of ’92 Academy.

Truly inspiring stuff from Chris today and we are in no doubt that Salford City will continue their rise through the footballing ranks.  The work ethic and philosophies they follow and the respect the coaches demand translate to any environment and we’ve left learning loads as a team ourselves.

A great day’s filming and hoping to work with these guys again soon.

Also thanks to Katie Corkhill at Sports Tours Europe for arranging access.

Life Skills with Balls, Featuring QPR

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Life Skills with Balls, Featuring QPR Ingredient Films

Today was the start of a real project of passion for us at Ingredient Films.  

We’re developing a programme that will engage anyone with an interest in football while conveying a range of soft skills messaging, contextualising these within a football environment and applying them to the ‘real world’.  Our goal is to create a series that football fans across the globe will enjoy, where the ‘learning’ is woven into ‘editorial’ that they would choose to watch anyway.

Over the coming months we’ll be working with a number of professional men’s and women’s clubs, both in the UK and the US, but today was all about our friends at QPR.

A busy morning filming first team training, interviews with the squad and Assistant Manager Marc Bircham before eating lunch with the team and an afternoon with the U23s.

From the moment we arrived we were made to feel welcome, and despite having to get through a lot of filming we hope the players enjoyed the shoot as much as we did.

We’re now committed QPR fans at Ingredient Films and you really couldn’t ask for a better bunch of lads.

Shoot: AELP Spring Conference

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Shoot: AELP Spring Conference Ingredient Films

Just back from a fantastic shoot for LearnBox at the AELP Spring Conference.  In two hectic days we set up a studio in two rooms, interviewed a dozen contributors, shot five presenter-led films for the DfE’s Future Apprenticeships initiative and two videos for AELP.  It’s great to meet and interview so many leading voices in the training and education sector and a lot of fun had by all we hope.

Big thanks to contributions from:

Cerian Ayres (The Education and Training Foundation)

Chris Baumann (Aktrion Group)

Kerry Boffey (Adult Improvement Learning Network)

Charlotte Bosworth (Innovate Awarding)

Ruth Carter (OCR)

Mark Dawe (AELP) 

Martin Dunford (AELP / Skills Training)

Lucy Dunleavy (LearnBox)

Sue Pittock (Remit Training)

Stewart Segal (AEGIS)

Marco Rossi (The Chartered Management Institute)

Ruth Walsh (Grant Thornton)